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3rd European QA Conference 2019

#EUQA19 News


1st May 2019

Bookings now open

Delegate bookings were opened up on our website a couple of weeks ago and we have had a steady stream of bookings since then.

We are running a social media sharing competition where delegates can win a free place at this year's conference if they share our post (if you have already booked you can still enter into the draw, we will refund any fees you may have paid).

New for this year - we have created a social media assets page so delegates, exhibitors and speakers have assets to share with followers on social media.

There are still a few exhibition stands available for sale.


3rd April 2019

Nearly there....

The Programme Committee met today and the programme is nearly complete.  We are happy to announce that our keynote speaker will be Dr Phil Hammond.  Phil has been working in general practice for over two decades and by contrast has been nominated for the prestigious Perrier award at the Edinburgh Festival twice as well as being a writer for Private Eye’s acclaimed medical column since 1992.

He qualified as a GP in 1991 and is currently working at a specialist NHS centre for children and adolescents with chronic fatigue syndrome/ME. As Private Eye’s medical correspondent, he campaigns for patient empowerment and open data in healthcare.

Full details of the programme will be available in the upcoming weeks, but will include representation from regulators from all over Europe, as well as dedicated streams and clinics in Academia, Animal Health, Computing, GCP, GLP, GMP, Medical Devices and PV.   

We will soon be annoucing details of a competition to win a free full delegate place at the conference.  Stay tuned to this page for further information.   


20th March 2019

Finalising the Programme

The Programme Committee met today and the programme and speakers are coming together nicely. We will share more in the upcoming weeks.  We have finalised the pre-conference training courses.  These will take place in a venue close to the Convention Center Dublin. The events are:

  • The Auditing Course (2 days)
  • A Masterclass in PV Auditing (2 days – to be based on Practical Pharmacovigilance Auditing)
  • Implementing GCLP (2 days)
  • Manageable Risk; Focusing on what matters in Clinical Trials (1 day Seminar)

We have also finalised the delegate fees for the event.



6th March 2019

Exhibitor, sponsor and advertising opportunities

We are delighted to announce that on the first day of selling opportunities for the 3rd EU QA Conference we sold 14 stands, which has now gone up to 16. We have also sold the main sponsorship package, lanyard sponsorship, pen sponsorship and notepad sponsorship, so we are well on the way.

There will be a Programme Committee teleconference today where the programme will be further finalised.

We have created the first draft of the delegate brochure and are working on getting information into it as the programme becomes more complete.


20th February 2019

Programme Committee Meeting

We had another Programme Committee Meeting today, a number of speakers have now been confirmed across the streams and the programme is starting to take shape.

Our next meeting will be held on 6th March.


4th February 2019

Exhibitor, sponsor and advertiser pack

Our first email campaign of the conference was sent on Thursday of last week to previous exhibitors, sponsors and advertisers letting them know that booking would be available soon. If you would like more details please email advertising@therqa.com, or take a look at the exhibitor, sponsor and advertiser pack.

Conference title

The Programme Committee have met a few times now and we have a conference title: Technology and Innovation in Quality: A Brave New World? The skeleton of the programme has been put together and now the committee are working to secure speakers.



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