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Timothe Menard

F. Hoffmann – La Roche Ltd

Timothe Menard is a PharmD with a specialisation in pharmaceutical medicine. He started his industry career in 2009 in Pharmacovigilance (PV) and had different roles in PV (operational and strategic) that brought him to live in various parts of the world (Switzerland, Singapore and Germany). He joined Roche as a Clinical Auditor in 2015 and dived into the 'magic world of analytics' somewhere in 2017. He has been leading the PD Quality Data Science Team at Roche since January 2018. From simple analytics methods to machine learning, his team is creating and implementing data-driven solutions that help understand, early detect or predict clinical quality issues.  


Applying Advanced Analytics to Quality Assurance

Clinical Quality Assurance (QA) can benefit from the use advanced analytics: to enable faster and holistic detection of quality issues,  to ensure efficient use of QA resources and to help resolution of quality issues. Before taking a deep dive on the application of advanced analytics in QA, the presentation will clarify and explain the key concepts and terminologies (machine learning, AI, etc.).  Then the following topics will be addressed:

  • Why should QA be leveraging on advanced analytics?
  • Review of concrete use cases of advanced analytics in the GCP/PV areas
  • What are the capabilities required for advanced analytics in QA?

The presentation will conclude by discussing ideas on how to foster and sustain a 'data analytics culture' for the quality assurance of the future.