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Ignacio Hernandez Medrano, Neurologist

Ramón y Cajal Hospital ​​​​​​​

Neurologist at Ramón y Cajal Hospital for 10 years, Ignacio’s curriculum includes several master’s in health management, as well as being part of the Strategic Management Department of Ramón y Cajal Institute of Health Research. After graduating in 2014 from Singularity University (NASA, Silicon Valley), he founded two companies in artificial intelligence in healthcare: Savana (electronic medical record processing) and Mendelian (diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases). Ignacio was considered by the specialised press among the most influential people in health in 2016, for his work promoting systemic changes in the sector through IT and big data. In 2018 he was appointed the digital personality of the year in healthcare. He has received the Princess of Girona Foundation Award - Company 2019 for  democratising access to medical scientific information of millions of patients through artificial intelligence’.



Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, from concept to care

  • Exponential technologies explode suddenly when an appropriate trigger appears.
  • Digital health is exploding, thus a convergence of exponential technologies is happening.
  • The biggest of all the exponential technologies is big data.
  • Big data allows computers to learn patterns, thanks to a technique called machine learning, which disrupts classical statistics.
  • Big data means finding correlations where human mind cannot do it, and allows the design of predictive algorithms.
  • Predictive algorithms based on artificial intelligence are about to disrupt healthcare.
  • The king of big data in Medicine is genome sequencing, an exponential technology, canalised by NGS, at very low price.
  • Systems biology integrated with machine learning are allowing precision medicine.