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Alison Sloane, Senior Director PV Automation and Innovation, Lifecycle Safety


Alison Sloane, Senior Director of Automation and Innovation within Pharmacovigilance, graduated from Trinity college Dublin with a Honours degree in Natural Science, an MSc and a Diploma in Statistics.  She joined Quintiles Ireland Limited in September 1988 as a Drug Safety Associate. Shortly after starting, she took a customer managed secondment to a pharmaceutical company in the UK for 15 months, working in their Drug Safety Department. During this period Alison gained experience in a wide range of safety tasks from clinical trials to post marketing. Following her return to Quintiles Dublin, she furthered her experience and skills in clinical trials, endpoint management and regulatory reporting responsible for directing the operational aspects of the Pharmacovigilance Department. Currently as head of PV Automation and Innovation with her 20+ years of safety experience, Alison’s responsibilities span co-ordination of global activities including PV Automation roadmaps, tech and services integration and oversight of the Safety Systems group to provide customers with a tech enabled optimised approach to safety and regulatory reporting.