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The 2022 International QA Conference will be geared towards workshop and discussion sessions, where delegates can really network with and learn from one another.

Take an active part in discussions or sit back and listen to what your colleagues have to say. This conference we want delegates to re:connect with the industry and each other.

Sessions will be divided into the following categories:

Panel Discussions: A panel will discuss set topics with delegates, with delegates having the opportunity to ask questions throughout.

Open Discussions: These sessions will follow the form of our Member Coffee Mornings and be made up of smaller groups who all join a discussion around given topics.

Workshop: Interactive session where delegates will work on a given scenario/topic in groups and get feedback from moderators.

Presentation: The traditional presentation, where a speaker will give a talk and delegates will have the opportunity to ask questions at the end.

We will also have the usual networking opportunities, exhibition and more to be announced, giving ample time for you to re-connect with colleagues. We believe this will be our most interactive conference to date.