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We are excited to announce that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the RQA International QA Conference is going virtual for 2020.

There are many reasons to attend RQA's virtual conference, we have given you a few below:


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic options are limited for 2020. RQA felt that changing the conference to a virtual one be the safest option for all staff, delegates, exhibitors and speakers involved in the running of it. 

A virtual conference also takes out the inconvenience of travelling - in the current climate it is unsure what the working world will look like at the end of the year, so a virtual conference is a great idea. It can be accessed from anywhere and limits time out of the office.

It'll be like you're really there

RQA's virtual conference will immerse you into the event from your desk. Walk around the lobby, stop by the community lounge and sit in the main auditorium. Interactive elements such as chat, networking, Q&A, games, exhibition stands and more will make attendees feel like they are at a physical conference.


One of the number one reasons for attending RQA2020 is cost. Unlike our physical conference, there will be no travel or accommodation costs. We have have reduced the attendance price for the event.

More people can attend

There are less barriers involved in virtual conferences. Due to the cost savings more delegates will be able to attend and there are massive savings in time. More attendees = more networking opportunities.

Evergreen content (well almost)

All content from the conference will be available for 30 days on the platform after the event has run, meaning delegates can go back to view presentations they may have missed.



The conferece will be open for 15 hours per day, which means content can be accessed across the timezones with live presentations available as on demand after they have run.

Learn at your own pace

Play back/re-visit presentations and pause to take notes if you want a recap on presentations or take notes at a later date.

Live Q&A

If you are normally nervous in asking questions in front of a large auditorium, this obstacle has been removed. Speakers can be asked questions directly and get immediate responses in the chat Q&A function.


There is undoubtably a massive environmental reason to attend virtually - not only has transport been eradicated, but the amount of waste a physical conference generates can be massive.