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RQA Organisation Structure

The RQA Board agreed significant amendments to its strategic Plan.

A key enabler of the achievement of RQA's Strategic and Operational Plans is the restructuring of the RQA Board and the formation of a New RQA Management Committee.
A revised Board with fewer members allows for a more strategic focus and direction. The newly-formed Management Committee concentrates on the delivery of the projects and tasks from the Operational Plan. In this respect RQA Committees will have a direct impact on the provision of new and existing products. 

The Board

The RQA Board made up of 5 Board Members.

The Chairman of the Board is Vanessa Grant

The Treasurer is Roger Cope

Board Member with responsibility for Global Engagement is Tracy Gilbert

Chair Elect is Kath Williams

The RQA Management Committee

Animal and Veterinary Product Committee - Sven Buckingham

DIGIT Committee (formerly the Computing Committee) - Matthew Jones

Good Clinical Practice Committee - Glene Sandom

Good Laboratory Practice Committee - Mark Goodwin

Good Manufacturing Practice Committee - Julie Giblin

Good Pharmacovigilance Practice Committee - Louise Handy

Medical Devices Committee - Colette McIntyre


Association Office

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