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RQA Organisation Structure

New RQA Board Members - January 2019

From time to time, it’s necessary for the RQA Board to review and reconsider the rules which define what the Association does. Most of those rules are stated in the Articles of Association, which must be accepted by RQA members before filing at Companies House.

In the latest revision to the Articles, the Board took the opportunity to expand the number of Board Members from five to seven. The Board felt that by enlarging the Board size slightly, the scope of knowledge and experience would increase.

The Board also altered the term of office for a Board member, which will now begin on 1st January. The change allows sufficient time after the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to complete the Board induction before the Strategy Meeting at the end of January.

The revised Articles were accepted, by members, at the AGM.

Since new Board members cannot be elected until the next RQA AGM on 6th November 2019, the Board decided to use its powers of co-option to appoint three new Board members (including one to fill the vacant position):

  • Matt Jones, former Chair of the DIGIT Committee and active contributor to the RQA Management Committee.
  • Sameera Thanathparambil, Volunteer Programme Leader, GCP Committee liaison, India Regional Forum support, and winner of the RQA Award 2018.
  • Tim Stiles, former Chair of the Board, long-standing RQA member, and active supporter.

Their term of office commenced on 1st January 2019 and will run until the end of the year.

Kath Williams, the Chair of the Board, said: “I’m sure Sameera, Matt and Tim will use their knowledge and experience to add a new perspective to the RQA Board”.

The Board

The RQA Board is made up of seven Board Members.

The Chairman of the Board is Tim Stiles

The Treasurer is Roger Cope

Tracy Gilbert

Vanessa Grant

Matthew Jones

Glene Sandom

Sameera Thanathparambil


The RQA Management Committee

Animal and Veterinary Product Committee - Sven Buckingham

DIGIT Committee (formerly the Computing Committee) - Joanne Donald

Good Clinical Practice Committee - Michael Smith

Good Laboratory Practice Committee - Mark Goodwin

Good Manufacturing Practice Committee - Derek Murphy

Good Pharmacovigilance Practice Committee - Jana Hyankova

Medical Devices Committee - Colette McIntyre


Association Office Structure