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Good Manufacturing Committee Biographies

Julie Giblin (Chair)

Julie has worked in research and development pharmaceutical quality assurance in contract manufacturing organisations since 1997 and is currently the Senior Manager, QA at Fisher Clinical Services responsible for all QA and QP activities. She is eligible as a Qualified Person under the permanent provisions and is named as a QP on MIA IMP and MIA licences.
Julie graduated from the University of Glasgow with a BSc in Microbiology and is a member of the Society of Biology.

Roy Baxendale

Roy is currently Head of QA Development Operations for Sandoz International GmbH in Germany. He has global responsibility for GMP operations in the development of small molecule generic medicines for human use. Roy holds a physics degree and MSc in Quality Management. Previous appointments have included Head of quality and Risk Management in GSKs External QA Department, responsible for external early phase manufacturing facilities, Head of Quality at GSKs Clinical Imaging Centre in London and QA roles at HLS and Delta Biotechnology, a small biotech manufacturing company.
Roy is an active Board member of RQA and is frequently seen presenting at conferences and seminars.

Philip Butson

Janet Downie

Janet has over 18 years in GLP/GMP environments mainly with biotech. She has implemented GMP Quality Systems in a number of organisations over the years and is currently Chief Operating Officer for Roslin Cells Ltd, a company involved with the production of clinical grade pluripotent stem cells and Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs).

Sue Mann

Rhona McAteer

Rhona McAteer, BSc (Hons), CBiol MSB, MCQI CQP is a microbiologist with expertise in GMP, medical devices and early-phase clinical research and has hosted MHRS, FDA and ANVISA regulatory inspections. With over 15 years industry experience in QC/QA, Rhona is now a Principal Associate for TMQA, an independent Quality Assurance organisation providing worldwide audit, consultancy and training support.

Derek Murphy

Derek has worked for large pharma and small biotech firms, in production, R&D and QC. The majority of Derek's QA experience is in the Biotech sector.
Derek has worked in QA supporting clinical trials supply since 2005, and has been Secretary and Chair during his time on the GMP Committee.

Matilda Street

Matilda holds a BSc in Microbiology. She has held QA management positions within various companies from API contract manufacturers to IMP and virtual pharmaceutical manufacturers. Her areas of expertise range across biopharmaceutical, dermatology and oncology products. She is currently working at Idis Ltd.
Matilda is a transitional IMP QP.
She has been a member of the RQA GMP Committee since 2009.