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Regulations and Guidelines

GLP Legislation by Country: A-Z

The information on this site has been acquired by the GLP Committee with the assistance of several other organisations.  It is believed to be accurate, but any comments, corrections or update information will be welcomed and incorporated.

No information is available for countries not listed, but if you know differently please contact us with any news.

Argentina Lithuania
Australia Luxembourg
Austria Malaysia
Belgium Malta
Brazil Moldova
Bulgaria The Netherlands
Canada New Zealand
Chile Norway
China Poland
Chinese Taipei Portugal
Croatia Republic of Ireland
Cyprus Romania
Czech Republic Russia
Denmark Singapore
Estonia Slovakia
Finland Slovenia
France South Africa
Germany South Korea
Greece Spain
Hungary Sweden
India Switzerland
Israel Thailand
Italy Turkey
Japan United Kingdom
Latvia United States


Most recent updates to A-Z:

Updates to Croatia - July 2013

Updates to: Germany, Greece, Israel, Latvia, Malaysia, Malta, The Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland - February 2013

Updates to: Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Chinese Taipei, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland - December 2012

Update to Argentina - November 2012